We are not by any means tax experts, the IRS tax code is an incredibly complicated system, so for us to write articles on ways to save money on your taxes is a little silly. Instead we have put together a list of a few tax articles which others have writen that we find helpful and wanted to share:


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Pay Less Tax / Tax Deductions

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Written by Morgan Kennedy, this article is a guide to helping you pay less tax this upcoming season. Every year people consent to paying more tax than they need to. Some are too lazy to go and find all their deductions or credits to claim, others still just do not realize the option is available. There are a number of ways to ensure you are paying the lowest tax when it comes time. This article will help you to get your filing on track this year by giving you insight into the process and knowledge/tips to getting the most out of filing your federal income taxes.

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Tax Facts

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Written by Harris Sherline, a retired Certified Public Accountant and executive, this article gives you the skinny on a number of statistics, percentages, factoids, and histories regarding the IRS, dollar amounts, wages, who pays what, and tax laws. Have you ever wondered what sort of truths circulate around our government’s collections? If you have felt disappointment after opening a paycheck and seeing the withheld amount, chances are the answer is yes. Here is Harris R Sherline’s opinion on the topic, as well as a list of need-to-know facts.