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Why Should I Efile?

The single biggest benefit of an e-filed return is it is much quicker than a traditional paper return. It's a faster way to get your return to the IRS, because e-filing checks for errors prior to sending, there are fewer filing errors, which helps it to be processed faster by the IRS. Tax refunds can even be directly deposited into a bank of choice helping filers get their tax refund in as little as 8 days.

So it's faster and checking for errors makes it more accurate, but what are concerns fillers may have? The biggest concern associated with e-filing is more of an Internet security concern than an e-filing concern. Transmitting sensitive tax information online, perhaps even bank account information if you choose to direct deposit, can be scary. This is certainly understandable. However, sending a paper return through the mail is considered by some just as risky if not more so. So what can you do to help protect yourself? ALWAYS make sure the software you have chosen is an IRS approved e-filer, if you are using online software ALWAYS make sure the information is sent to an https:// address and not http:// this means the connection is encrypted, secure and the transmitted data is safe.