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Who Qualifies To Free File

The eligibility qualifications for the Free File Program change from year-to-year. In 2020 (for tax year 2019), in order to free file, you need to have an adjusted gross income of $69,000 or under. If you meet this guideline then you are eligible to file for free through the IRS's Traditional Free File Program. This is step one. This means you are good to go in on the IRS's end only and can file using the free fillable forms.

Step two is finding a tax preparation software company that will work for you. Each tax preparation company has a their own eligibility requirements for using the free service. To file for free using their software, you must meet both the IRS and the company's criteria.

In the event you do not qualify to file for free with any of the software providers, but have less than $69,000 in adjusted gross income you can still file for free with the IRS, but in your case you will need to do so using the online fillable forms here. Filing this way will not support state forms or e-filing. Most filers who pay state income tax will still pay additional fees of $10-30 to electronically file their state income tax returns.