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What Is E-Filing And How to Do It

E-filing is the electronic transfer of a tax return, it is the last step of filing process. An "e-File" is away to send your return off to the IRS without using the mail. It is a much faster way to get your return to the IRS but filing this way also ensures certain aspects of the return are completed properly also expediting the review process. E-filing requires use of the Internet as well as approved tax software to send the return.

Electronic filing can help filers get income their tax refunds in as little as 8 days. The IRS eFile and Free File programs are not directly related. Almost anyone can e-File whereas only about 70% of Americans qualify to Free File. Some examples of those who cannot use the e-filing service are those who have returns for a tax period other than January 1 - December 31 of any given year, those who have amended returns, or those who are filing prior-year returns.

Nearly 100 million taxpayers filed their tax returns last year by e-filing. It has become the smart way to electronically file federal tax returns - securely, quickly and efficiently.