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Do You Qualify to FreeFile Your Taxes?

I received a W-2 for part-time labor performed last year.
I received a W-2 for full-time labor performed last year.
I received income not reported by last years W-2s.
I was self employed last year.

Eligibility for Free Filing

For 2016, a taxpayer with an adjusted gross income of $64,000 or less is eligible to use at least one of the free-file software products. Approximately 70% of individual U.S. taxpayers are eligible to use free-file software.

However, additional eligibility requirements differ from Alliance Member to Alliance Member (more here); additional qualifiers include state residency, age, and military status. Taxpayers should review the service carefully to make sure they are eligible to use its software. Some FreeFile Alliance Members offer free state tax return filing in addition to free federal filing, but others charge a fee.

A taxpayer with an adjusted gross income of greater than $64,000 can use Free File Fillable Forms, which is the electronic version of the IRS’s paper tax return forms. Free File Fillable Forms are available on the IRS website. Free File Fillable Forms do not use the question-and-answer format that tax preparation software does, but they do perform some math calculations and provide links to relevant IRS publications. State income tax returns are not available.

Taxpayers can e-file Free File Fillable Forms at no charge. To prepare and e-file a federal return free of charge, a taxpayer must access any free-file products through the IRS website or at authorized kiosks. Several hundred authorized Free File kiosks have been established nationwide, in connection with volunteer tax sites, where taxpayers can use Free File services to prepare returns.

5 Reasons to E-File with the IRS this Year

  1. E-filing is a fast and easy way to file your taxes. In fact, it is the fastest way you can file your tax return. If you are used to paper forms and filing them manually, you will love how quickly you can e-file.

  2. Filing your tax return electronically allows you to file income taxes around your own schedule in the comfort of your own home. You will never have to visit the post office to pick up forms again.

  3. When you use an e-file provider they electronically file your taxes to the Normally with a paper file an IRS worker must enter the information on the 1040 form into the computers manually which increases the chance that a return will contain errors. For this reason, the IRS reports that electronically filed returns contain less than 1% of errors, unlike the standard 20% for paper forms.

  4. Tax refunds and returns are processed much more quickly when you e-file. For example, if an e-filer selects to be paid by direct deposit they can receive their tax rebate check in as little as 8 days, much quicker than the weeks it takes to receive a traditional refund.

  5. When you e-file you will never have to worry about the IRS government receiving your taxes. When you e-file you are notified within 24 hours that you tax return has been received.

These are some of the more popular benefits to e-filing, but there are certainly many more.