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Millions of taxpayers will qualify this year to efile their taxes for free. If you are one of the eligible taxpayers, free efiling means a fast and easy way to prepare your taxes and big savings.

Thanks to a partnership agreement between the Internal Revenue Service and the Free File Alliance, LLC, a group of commercial, online tax preparation companies, offer free efile and tax preparation to millions of consumers.

There are about twenty different tax prepertation companies that are currently involved in the Free File Alliance and offer free efiling to those who qualify. Of those twenty or so a few are more popular than others, here are a couple of the more popular filese with nationwide reach.


Free Efile with H&R Block   H&R Block: Use America's leading tax preparer for free online federal tax return preparation and trust H&R Block's 50 years of tax filing experience to help you maximize your refund.  Block's online program is FREE for EVERYONE - no restrictions.
Free Efile with TaxAct.com   TaxACT.com: TaxACT.com's online tax preparation program is fast, easy and secure.  Find out if you qualify to file your taxes for free with the TaxACT tax preparation program.
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eFile your taxes for free

The FreeFile agreement makes free tax preparation and electronic filing available to at least 60% of all individual taxpayers—that's 78 million people! The benefits to the lucky qualifiers are many. People who use free efile for their taxes enjoy reduced tax preparation time, excellent tax help that checks for any errors or missed deductions, and receive faster refunds.

Find out if you qualify for free efile this year. Some Alliance Partners require you to have a certain Adjusted Gross Income, or your gross income minus any tax deductions you are allowed, or you may need to qualify for the Earned Income Credit.

Even if you do not qualify to prepare and file your taxes for free, there are many ways to electronically file your taxes and enjoy all the benefits of easy income tax preparation. When you use an online tax program or tax software, preparing your taxes will be fast and easy since these products provide all the appropriate forms for you and perform all the math calculations. In addition, you will have the added bonus of a fast refund and the peace of mind knowing your tax return is safe and secure.