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Free File Your 2023 Taxes

It is estimated that 70% of taxpayers are eligible to free file their IRS tax returns online. Yet, many of them don't take advantage of this, even though it is free.

Filing online, or "e-filing", reduces the number of errors, helps filers prepare their return faster and get a refund back sooner than paper filing. Find out if you are eligible to free file your 2023 taxes and help speed up your refund.

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Why is it FREE to File Your Taxes?

In the early 2000's the IRS recognized that filers needed a way to electronically file their tax returns and while a few private companies offered this, they charged consumers for this service. The IRS sought to launch a free filing service so tax filers could e-file their tax returns free of charge. Knowing that any government launched initiative could take years to complete, they worked with private companies to form the Free File Alliance. The Free File Alliance would offer filers who met certain income criteria a free option to filing their taxes.

As it stands, 20 different private companies are involved with the Free File Alliance. Each of these companies offers a free file version of their tax-filing service that allows users to file their tax returns for free. To view a list of the 20 different companies click here.

It is important to note that FreeFile.com is a private, for-profit website and not in any way endorsed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Free File Alliance.